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Frequently Asked Questions about Pakistan Real Estate website:

Question: What if I don't find a location in city where I want to sell or buy a plot?
If you don't find a location where you want to post your listing, you may add it under the location: OTHERS. We will add your location within 24 Hrs and place your property under that location. However if you don't find a city where you want to buy or sell property, you may request us by filling contact us page form.

Question: How long does it take for my property for sale or real estate I am looking for to appear on this website?
Your listing starts to appear as soon we activate your account. It may take between 5 minutes to 3 Hrs before we activate your account.

Question: Why should I advertise my property for sale on internet or website?
There are many reasons for this but the main ones are that advertising on this website is absolutely free compared to newspaper. You get more leads and responses because searching property on internet is much easier compared to newspaper sections or calling many agents. Also most of the properties for sale in Pakistan are purchased by Pakistanis who live abroad. They prefer to search on internet instead of getting a Pakistani newspaper.

Question: Will my contact info be displayed with my property for sale?
Absolutely Yes! We don't hide your information. Buyers or sellers can directly contact you without our intervention.

Question: What if I am abused through this website or if I receive unsolicited emails?
When a buyer or seller will contact you from our website, you will receive his IP address in email. Under such circumstances, you can track the internet service provider of the person who abused you. Let the ISP know about time message was sent along with IP address. They can help you gain access to information of person who sent you message of abuse etc.

Question: Do you also market my property for sale other than internet?
No, we will only place your property for sale listing on our website and its network. Please know that we have a complete network of websites where your Ad. for property appears instantly along this website. Example: and

Question: Can you personally help a buyer or seller of property?
Yes we do. If you would like to get paid service from trusted real estate company, you must contact the owner of this website: Adil Real Estate by calling: +92 300 8494407 (Mr. Faisal Adil)