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Why choose for buying and selling property in Pakistan:

You may find several websites dealing with property and real estate online services. Here is why we recomend you to choose us:

1) 80% of buyers looking for property or real estate in Pakistan reach this website and search for property they are looking for. When you plan to sell a property in Pakistan, you must first check the ranking of website. Posting your property for sale on a website that may look nice but has no visitors may just waste your time.

2) When you post your property for sale, or Wish List it does't just show up on this website. In fact we have a network of websites that will display your property. Example:, etc.

3) All websites ask you to sign up before you can contact the seller or buyer. We never ask you because we want buyers or sellers to contact you easily and quickly as soon they find what you are selling or trying to buy.

4) We never send you unsolicited emails or spam. We also never share your profile or database with outsiders.

5) We always keep adding more features to this website. To stay as the fastest loading website for real estate in Pakistan!

How it Works:

The buying/selling process of real estate in Pakistan is very complex. This is why we are committed to helping make the process for sellers and buyers as simple as possible. Powered by our competent team, we are committed to provide complete real estate solution online to visitors in all verticals. We intend to bring forth the developing Pakistan which is open to investments and offers world class environment for work, luxury, relocation and retirement. If you are in the process of stepping up to your "dream home," then Pakistan Real Estate.Net is the only place to begin the process.

If you are a seller:
1) Sign up here within a minute. Its totally free. No need to answer unnecessary questions because we don't send you spam or forward your information to any one.
2) While your account is pending activation, you can start uploading your listing. Listing your property on our website is very simple and takes only two minutes if you have covered area already measured and price decided.
3) We review your account and once we activate it, your listings start appearing on our website and in its search. Buyers looking for your property can easily search your property using our simple and easy search engine on website. Once your listing is found by an interested buyer, he can contact you through our website, call you or write an email to you.

If you are a buyer:

1) Use our simple search by clicking here or on home page, or advance search to find exactly what you are looking for.
2) View the details of the seller and contact them using different options like phone, email or through our website.
3) If you don't find your desired property, add it to our wish list database by clicking here. Someone selling it will contact you when they see the wish list on our website.